Thursday, February 12, 2009

How it started

Okay so I'll write about how my diapers and plastic pants fetish all started. But just a bit. I'm going to make this part a chronology.

When I was maybe three years old, I used to play with my younger brother's plastic pants. My mom didn't seem to mind since I was only three. Later on when I was five or six, my younger brother was a bedwetter, and thankfully he wore plastic pants to bed over his underware. I used to steal them before I went to bed, and put them on. I got the best erections back then when I did this, but didn't quite make the "sexual" connection.

A couple of years went by, and we moved to another city. There I met two brothers, their toddler sister, and their single mom who was a bit of a slut.

I remember one summer day when "John" and "Bill" ages eight, and six respectively (not their real names) and I (age eight) were hanging around their house. The year was 1974, and Pampers were still relatively new. Remember the plastic backing? They had the plastic backing, and no taping strips at the time so when you put one on, it tended to stay put!

I knew that their sister "Lorraine" also wore cloth diapers and plastic panties--the old toddler size Gerber brand that were made in the U.S.A., and were the picture of quality. I wanted to wear plastic panties really bad, so I had an idea. I dared the oldest, John, to go get a pair of his sister's plastic panties, and put them on. Oddly enough, he was more than happy to do this, and in less than a minute he had stripped naked and was putting on the plastic panties. His brother said he wanted to do it too, and I chimed in saying the same thing. Before long, we were all wearing plastic panties, and sporting "boners" and that's when their mom walked in on us. She asked us what we were doing, but then pretty much "got the picture", and just told us to put them away after we were done playing with them.
What a cool mom! Their babysitter was even cooler, but I'll save that for another time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

There is nothing like cozy late Sunday nights

This blog won't be about all diapers and plastic pants fetish. I'm going to write about other things as well.

It's Sunday night, I'm settled in nicely, drinking wine, and looking forward to the real entertainment later on. That would be the religious nuts who can't find time on broadcast TV except for late Sunday nights/ early Monday mornings. That and the "Knife Show".

I just love cozying up to a giant bottle of wine, sitting in my easy chair, playing with plastic pants, and just enjoying this time of the week. The darkness of night, Sunday, the quiet, the TV, maybe a movie, and just trying to forget about the past week and the coming week. Just balanced right on the apex of happiness.

Plastic pants crisis

It's kinda sad when you have to start a blog with bad news, but we are in the middle of a plastic pants crisis. Gerber has not only stopped production of "Toddler" size plastic pants (31 pounds and over), but they are now going to a different kind of vinyl that is not the soft PVC we all know and love. This is supposedly for "green" reasons, but I seriously doubt that plastic pants in landfills are a big problem.
Sure chlorine will leach out over time, but empty bottles of laundry bleach are way more numerous, and therefore much more of a problem.

Yep, it's only going to be size 3T for the largest size which are much smaller than toddler size, and no more PVC.

I really miss the old days when you could go into just about any store, and buy either a 3-pack or single packs of Gerber toddler size plastic pants. They were made in the U.S.A., and were thicker than today's plastic pants which are now collector's items unto themselves.

I think all this nonsense started with the disposable diaper companies switching to this horrible cloth-like cover instead of plastic which ie still in the diapers by the way. But that's for another post.

It's harder and harder to have a good diapers and plastic pants fetish anymore.

So let's get to what this blog will be about. The answer is diapers and plastic pants fetish. I hope to write often, and will always be on the lookout for diaper and plastic pants related items, and hope to educate people that such a fetish is harmless as long as everyone is of age and consenting. If you do it alone, then no worries. Heck, even "Dear Abby" agrees with this one. There is no harm in "having fun" wearing diapers and plastic pants. And I just love wearing nothing but plastic pants too!

I think I might be able to link to pictures, so if I find any good ones of now vintage pairs of plastic pants and vintage boxes of diapers, or vintage diapers, I'll try to post them. There won't be any people pics though. There are other sites for that. I might be able to provide links, but you probably know about them already.

So I think that's it for now. Enjoy!